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Post office in Stockton, California User Reviews

Not only did these ppl mis deliver my package and lie about it, they refused to follow up on the investigation until 3 weeks just for the outcome to be that “ the mail Carrier checked other mail boxes and didn’t find it.” Well of course if you wait over 2 weeks to begin looking, nothing’s going to be there. They have mis delivered another package of mine a little over a year ago and literally came up with the same excuse. I’ve contacted internal affairs department about this issue to pursue further action.

Gien Garcia
Zero if all possible. They need a better system at pickups, drop off’s and better customer service. We’re all waiting in line, patiently and we finally get to the front and we get a grumpy post person. Please fix your attitudes, if not get another job that makes you happy- don’t take it out on us- thanks.


Dave Olsen
I try to stay away from the USPS but if I do need to go Robinhood is my 1st choice but if just dropping a few envelopes / letters. I prefer West Ln due to the conviniant drive and drop US Mail Boxes Located at the back of the parking lot.

Usps Stockton ca 95208 Phone Number and maps

Address: 4245 West Ln, Stockton, CA 95208, United States



Friday 8:30AM–5PM
Saturday 9AM–3PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 8:30AM–5PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–5PM
Wednesday 8:30AM–5PM
Thursday 8:30AM–5PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777


claudia rivera
The worst post office ever. The lady where you apply for a Passport was rude and very unhelpful. Automatically asked if I had an appointment and when I said no, she hands me a paper and say everything is done online. She wouldn’t let me ask not one question. And their website to schedule an appointment is terrible and they don’t even have any appointment for the month of March.

Ruby Ander
I had a mail box at PacMail. I gave that up the 1st of December and put in a change of address. I called and was told it takes 6 weeks. I waited. Went to the post office on Robin Hood and was told they had my new address as my old one. I mailed a new change of address a week ago and still no mail. It is now undoubtedly causing me damage in several ways. What is up ?.


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