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A Google User
the lady in the middle that works there is horrible and gave me a hard time sending my package. my label was already paid for and I only needed to pay the remainder amount to process it but she just said no to me. I talked with the other lady on the left and she did it professionally.

Maria J
This is the 2nd time a large package is “lost” however we think the mail person is stealing them as we have cameras and they never dropped off the package yet they registered it as lost or delivered. The post office will not help cause there was no insurance.


Leonardo Lopez
The lady who was at the counter was very unhelpful and had a bad attitude the entire time. She did not help with my label and acted like my questions were bothering her.

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Address: 13700 Foothill Blvd, Sylmar, CA 91342, United States



Tuesday 9AM–6PM
Wednesday 9AM–6PM
Thursday 9AM–6PM
Friday 9AM–6PM
Saturday 9:30AM–3:30PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–6PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Ricky Harper
So my mail and other mail is still being put in other people’s mail box I was told my Post Master “If u don’t like how the post office is run I can move out of town something needs to be done I refuse to move just so I can get my mail they both are putting Federal mail in other people’s mail box for spite i have to k ock on neighbor door to get my mail that was put in her box its been 3 weeks EVERY DAY it still continues i get pics of whats coming in the mail and its always in my neighbors mailbox I have tried telling both carriers and it still continues.


Magz Hello
The parking lot is horrible. I can’t get to my po box because a food festival occurs almost on a daily basis in the evenings. I would not trust leaving my mail in the outdoor mailbox. There are many people loitering around eating their tacos and drinking beer. It is also filthy full of paper plates & trash left behind from the food stands. Not sure why a government public venue is allowing food stands to utilize their premises to conduct food business. I thought a post office was supposed to be a public space for mail services not the selling of tacos!!.


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