Post office Jefferson Louisville KY 40219 Phone Number Reviews

Post office Jefferson Louisville KY 40219 Phone Number Reviews

yaima conesa
I give a star because I can’t put zero since they work very badly in this email I sent an article that doesn’t appear they just give me excuses I want it back or give me a solution and they just tell me that I have to be patient it’s disrespectful that you trust this entity to make your shipments and that it gets lost and nothing happens, they do not solve it, they just tell you to your face that they have every right to take their time, very annoying and frustrating, I do not recommend it

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Address: 7400 Jefferson Blvd, Louisville, KY 40219, United States


Friday 9AM–6PM
Saturday 9AM–2:30PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–6PM
Tuesday 9AM–6PM
Wednesday 9AM–6PM
Thursday 9AM–6PM


Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post office Jefferson Louisville KY 40219 Reviews

I’ve had a 6 month ongoing issue of ONLY my checks being taken out of mail. No investigation is being made and I’m filing a police report. Someone is only stealing things of monetary value. A package was taken and once it was returned it was returned open to my mailbox, only because the company investigated. I spoke to manager as he seemed careless, I will no longer tolerate this. Stealing mail is federal and I’ll make sure nobody has a job.


im Rewind
I’m giving a 1 star because I can’t give a 0. Package was stated as “Delivered” was no where to be found until i made a service request and then find out they misdelivered my package. They emailed me saying they tried getting my package back but were unsuccessful. The best thing they could do was apologize because my package wasn’t insured. $150 down the drain.

Glaucia Cox
So, I take off of work early and get my kid out of school in the middle of the day for a passport appointment and drive all the way over there just to find out that all the appointments have been canceled. They didn’t even bother sending me an email to let me know the appointments have been canceled. Not to mention that their staff is extremely rude. It’s pretty ridiculous!.


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