Post office Crittenden Louisville KY 40221 Phone Number Reviews

Post office Crittenden Louisville KY 40221 Phone Number Reviews

Elizabeth Gonzalez
I give one 🌟 because not giving any is not an option. The worst service ever. Today I had an appointment for my passport at this USPS location. I arrived 15 minutes before my appointment, which was at 9 a.m. The employee told me that the passport appointments were at 10 a.m. because the person in charge of passports had not arrived. I waited 1 hour 15 min to get the surprise, that I wasted my time. Another employee told those of us who had an appointment that they did not make passports there. Not only was the person in charge not there, but they didn’t make passports. Horrible service, mistreatment and customer deception.

Usps in Louisville, Kentucky Maps


Address: 4440 Crittenden Dr, Louisville, KY 40221, United States


Friday 9AM–6PM
Saturday 9AM–3PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–6PM
Tuesday 9AM–6PM
Wednesday 9AM–6PM
Thursday 9AM–6PM


Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post office Crittenden Louisville KY 40221 Reviews

Michael Maes
Went in here on 3 occasions and myself and others in line with me were mistreated by the 2 very rude ladies that work the front counter. They must seriously hate their job or just naturally mean. They toss packages into the bins and are not careful. They act like we are putting them out. We won’t return to that location.


Y’all. I’ve been shipping things out for years and I’ve never had any issues with any USPS post office besides this one. They’re always so rude and have an attitude whenever I’m dropping off 2-5 packages that labels are pre paid and all they gotta do is scan.I guess they just really hate their jobs for them to always be talking with an attitude. You can literally feel the tension in the air when you get I there. Just warning y’all.The people I’m talking about are two lady’s, one is a blonde/brunette with long hair and the other one black hair.

389 Pete
The ladies who work at the counter here have a serious attitude problem. If you dont like your job go work somewhere else.


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